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Chuck Taylor High Top

Chuck Taylor High Top "Jazzy" Style Converse With Crystal Diamonds & Ribbon Laces

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Chuck Taylor High Top "Jazzy" Style Converse With Crystal Diamonds & Ribbon Laces

Hi top style,

All around coverage,

Gorgeous sparkly crystals with Swarovski crystals elements unbelievable shine!

Plus vibrant ribbon laces,


  • Black Diamond
  • Sapphire Blue AB
  • Crystal
  • Silver
  • Jet Black
  • Volcano
  • Aquamarine

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What do I receive?

  • x1 pair of All Star High Top Converse
  • x1 Pair of black ribbon laces
  • Choose your converse style
  • Choose you crystal colour
  • Swarovski Crystal elements
  • Runs very true to size
  • Ships in 1-2 weeks

Pair in photo are Chuck Taylor High Tops with Jazzy Design & Black ribbon laces

How can I make changes?

Add a message to us at the checkout with any changes;

Example messages;

  • To change the crystal colour
  • To change the ribbon lace colour
  • To add in more crystal colours
  • To add your country/size (if not USA)
  • To change the converse colour
  • Specific date required

To add a name or date on side or back stripe or fronts;

Send us a message with your required details & crystal colour at the checkout,

Tip: A darker colour crystal always shows up best for back stripe or fronts any colour for the sides will work,

Choose your size USA Sizing,

To send us your own pair for blinging more information custom requests and anything else please CLICK HERE to get in touch,

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